Dear Parents of Unit 55,

It is my pleasure to greet you from the Office of Basic Training here at ALERT! I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the young men’s lives of Unit 55. I am Capt. Keon Pendergast and I have had the responsibility and joy to be involved in ALERT Basic Training for the last 12 years.  I have a passion for modeling and challenging men to be men, in a culture that has systematically done all that it can to confuse and denigrate the calling that God has placed in a man— the calling to protect, to provide, to guide the next generation to walk with the Savior, and carry on the things they have learned. I want men to last, to stand strong against the seemingly overwhelming tide of temptation and unfaithfulness that is unfortunately so common today. It is one thing to start well, but a completely different thing to end well. Our goal is to finish well!

The first week of training has gone well. It is always difficult to adjust at first, and there have been a lot of growing pains, but I am very pleased with the overall desire of the men in this group. Basic Training is very difficult, both physically and emotionally. The pressures these men are facing are, for most of them, a completely foreign experience, but as we continue to point to Christ as the source of comfort and strength in time of need, we see a growing comfort level and effort in everything they do.

In Christ,

Capt Pendergast