Unit 55 in land navigation class with Instructor 1st Lt. Michael Harman.

Nav Class

The men participating in a duo land navigation field exercise.

Nav Class 3


Nav Class 1

Unit 55 memorizing the book of 1st Peter. Each man must be able to memorize and recite the entire book of 1st Peter by the end of Basic Training. The men do this by memorizing approximately sixteen verses per week.

RH -1


Unit 55 on their first hike. This hike is known as the “Micro Hike” and is a little less than one mile. It is the first step in the progression of longer hikes to follow.

Micro 5

Finishing the Micro Hike

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The next step in the hike progression is the 3-Hour Hike. This hike covers approximately 10 miles.

3 Hour 1

The unit taking a break during the hike to stretch out and refill on water.

Micro 4

Col. John Tanner visiting with the men during one of the breaks on the hike.

Micro Hike 3