We have been praying for all those who were affected by these two storms, and would like to welcome everyone directly impacted by these hurricanes to enjoy a special Family Camp discount.

For returning Family Campers directly affected by either of these storms,
we would like to invite you to enjoy a 100% scholarship for your lodging and Registration Fees.

For those who are first time families, we would like to offer you a 50% discount on your lodging and Family Camp Registration.

We all know families who have been affected by Harvey or Irma. Please help us spread the word. We’d love to give these families a home away from home where they can rest, be refreshed, and encouraged through these trying days.

For more information or to apply for these special discounts, please contact the Events Department at 903-636-9201.

Learn more about the fun activities and events we have planned for this year on our Family Camp Website!