ALERT Update | July 20, 2021

by | Jul 20, 2021 | All News

One of the main aspects of ALERT’s ethos is that hardship matures a man. We believe hardship is important for developing men, and as a result we intentionally incorporate difficult situations into our training. But is hardship actually necessary, or is it nothing more than a nice marketing buzzword? Enduring under difficult situations increases perspective and produces gratitude, humility, and dependence on Christ, who Himself endured the cross for us. As we follow Christ’s example of patient endurance, hardship becomes the catalyst for our growth; it is only under the hammer that a sword is shaped. While never comfortable, enduring hardship is the only way to develop mental resilience, prepare for the difficulties of living the Christian life, and become the men Christ has called us to be.

Stand strong,

Major Jesse Boulden

ALERT Basic Training Commanding Officer