ALERT Update | August 24, 2021

by | Aug 31, 2021 | All News

One of the challenges of working with the men at ALERT is that they typically only spend a year or less in our training program. The motivation they get from being here is helpful to wake them up and kick start their lives, but it will not change them unless they continue doing the important things long after they have left ALERT. And that takes habits of discipline.

We don’t create our futures as much as we create our habits, and those habits end up dictating our futures. If you have the right daily habits, time is your friend. All you have to do is be faithful and watch your investments grow with time. If you don’t have the right habits, however, time becomes your enemy. We aim to motivate our men to build good habits into their lives here so that when they leave they maintain those disciplines for the rest of their lives.

Stand strong,

Major Jesse Boulden

ALERT Basic Training Commanding Officer