ALERT Update | May 3, 2022

by | May 3, 2022 | All News

One of the beautiful things about the training here at ALERT is that some of the best life-giving habits for young men are put on “automation” during their time here—things like getting up early, working out, spending time in God’s word, journaling, building deep relationships, and getting real-time feedback from your peers. We know that time spent training here at ALERT is not “real life” as it were, but we also know that people do not build their futures, they build their habits, and those habits, in turn, build their futures.

What will make the difference in our students’ lives once they leave? Not the PTs they did six months ago, not the Bible reading they did two years ago, but the discipline they learned along the way. Discipline is what will carry the day long after the men have left the program—discipline to set up their own habits, rituals, and systems, rather than letting life happen to them. Or, as Eugene Peterson calls it, “a long obedience in the same direction.” This is why we believe that discipline strengthens a man.

Major Jesse Boulden | Unit 40
ALERT Commanding Officer