ALERT Update | August 16, 2022

by | Aug 16, 2022 | All News

One part of the ALERT ethos is that Training equips a man. Last week our Leadership & Communications class drove up on a wreck on a foggy highway during their DC trip. The whole class immediately grabbed their first aid kits, ran up to the scene, and started performing basic first aid, patient assessments, and helping those in need. Their quick action and instinctive reaction to the situation meant that when Fire and EMS showed up, they were handed a calmed and controlled scene.

How did my class know what to do without any on-scene direction? Their training. In Basic Training and 2nd Phase they had spent hours running scenarios, and put in late nights working through similar simulated situations here at ALERT. That training meant that when they rolled up to the scene, they were ready and able to serve those in their moments of greatest need.

1st Lieutenant Charles O’Neal | Unit 50
ALERT Basic Training Executive Officer