Service is a Key Component

by | Mar 31, 2023 | ALERT Ethos

Service is, and has always been, a key component of the ALERT program. On one hand, it makes sense, since we have a large group of physically active young men that we can take to disasters or service projects. But our view of service is much greater than just something we facilitate during ALERT training when it “makes sense.”

As J.D. Greear said, “ordinary people—people with problems and faults and stubborn habits and personal weakness—can be used mightily in the mission of God, because it’s not about their abilities to do things for God, but about His ability to work through them.” We want to give our men the opportunity to serve during their training, but more than that we want to give them a vision for a life of service, long after they leave ALERT and it no longer “makes sense.”

God can use anyone, any time, and we want to train our men to be ready to answer His call to serve for the rest of their lives.

2Lt. Matthew Moody | Unit 57
ALERT Dive Instructor