Basic Training Unit 68 Update

by | May 30, 2023 | ALERT Updates

Unit 68 has successfully completed Basic Training! Thirty-two men finished their journey join the ALERT Battalion last Friday. When our students come out of Basic Training, they leave with all sorts of different skills and accomplishments. But there are three primary things we hope and pray that our men leave with.

  • First is life-changing experiences. We hope the hardship and trials have shaped and molded them during their training.
  • Second is friendships and brotherhood. They have not just been through some forging, but they have been forged shoulder to shoulder with the men next to them.
  • Third, and most importantly, they have gained perspective. Perspective about what is truly important. That this life is not about them. That they have been called, not to make much of themselves with this life, but to make much of Christ!

Pray that they would return to their families, towns, cities, and churches and influence their world, not for ALERT, but for Christ!

Stand strong,

Major Jesse Boulden | Unit 40
ALERT Commanding Officer