The Crisis Facing Young Men

by | Nov 28, 2023 | ALERT Updates

Young men today are in a crisis. For example, in the 53 largest developed nations, boys fall behind girls in almost every academic subject, especially reading and writing. Boys are far more likely to drop out of both high school and college than girls are. In a few years, girls will be graduating from college at twice the rate of boys. According to the CDC, the 2021 suicide rate among males was approximately four times higher than among females. Men make up 85% of those arrested, and 95% of the prison population. When young men grow up in a culture that says, “we don’t want you and we don’t need you,” it’s clear to see why our young men are not ok.

This is what ALERT sets out to change. This is why we exist. We want to give young men hope. We want to give young men a fighting chance. We want them to know that this broken and dying world does need them, and that God has created them for a purpose. We want young men to be at their best, through Christ’s strength, and for God’s glory.

You can help us give more young men the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded men, to build a closer walk with Jesus, and make their faith their own. Through supporting the ALERT program, either in prayer or financially, you can help young men find their purpose and drive, help give them skills to be fit for the Master’s use, and set them up to be a force for good amid darkness. This Giving Tuesday, please consider helping us forge extraordinary men who will influence their world for Christ. You can make a donation to either the ALERT program or the Student Scholarship Fund online, or send a check to office.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Colonel Jesse Boulden | Unit 40
ALERT Commanding Officer