30 Years of Camaraderie

by | Feb 6, 2024 | ALERT Ethos

One of the aspects I appreciate the most from my time at ALERT is the camaraderie that is gained here during training. The shared experiences often lead to lifelong friendships, and connections with other men that go beyond the surface level.

This weekend we will be celebrating 30 years of this brotherhood we call ALERT at the 30 year reunion, with over 275 alumni registered. They represent 60 of the 69 Basic Training Units in ALERT’s history. Even if we have never met before, we will connect over Basic Training experiences, crazy ALERT man stories, and, most importantly, the Gospel. I’m grateful for the camaraderie of the last 30 years, and look forward to all the relationships that will be built in the future as we work on the next 30 years of forging

2Lt. Dillon Whitaker | Unit 45
2nd Phase Training Officer