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2024 Tuition & Fees

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2024 Tuition & Fees

Basic Training


Intermediate Training


Financial aid

The ALERT scholarship fund is set up to assist those who are unable to generate enough funds to complete a particular phase of training. Our scholarship fund is comprised of designated donations from the supporters of the ALERT Program. Therefore the amount we are able to award may vary throughout the year.

Financial details

Early Registration Discount

A $100 discount is given to students who are registered by the Early Registration date listed on the Tuition & Fee sheet.

Cash/Check Discount

A $100 discount is given to students if full payment is made by either cash or check, with the exception of the $200 Registration Deposit.

Full Payment Discount

A $100 discount is given to students who pay in full by the Payment Due date listed on the Tuition & Fee sheet. 

ALERT Preview Day Voucher

Students who come to ALERT Preview Day prior to Basic Training will receive a $300 discount off of the full price for Basic Training. This discount may not be combined with the Quest Student Discount.

Quest Student Discount

Previous Quest students receive a $300 discount off of the full price for Basic Training. This discount may not be combined with the ALERT Preview Day Voucher.


ALERT Graduate Discount

Students will receive a $300 discount for any full training quarter after they graduate. 

Accepted Payment Methods

Make checks payable to ALERT with the Student’s name in the memo line. Please allow 7 business days if mailing payment, and send to:

International ALERT Academy
Attn: Finance Department
One Academy Blvd.
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Online via Credit Card
We accept all major credit cards through our online payment form.

If using a debit card, please ensure your bank’s transaction limit allows your payment amount.

All installment payments must be indicated by “Students Name – Installment” either in the memo line of the check or in the notes field of the online payment form.

International Students
Credit card is the preferred payment method for international students. However, cash or checks in United States currency are also accepted.

Delinquent Payments

Consequences for Delinquent Payment
Students in any phase who are behind on payment will not be able to participate in or receive the following until caught up on the installment schedule or full payment is made:

    • Events such as, but not limited to, clinicals, checkrides, live burns, and class trips. 
    • Promotion
    • Course completion certificates and transcript
    • Graduation certificate
    • Participation in their Graduation or Advancement ceremony

Extra Fees & Refunds

Non-sufficient Funds
A $30 fee will be charged for any check returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF).

Out-processing Fee
A $35 out-processing fee will be charged to men who leave ALERT in the middle of a training quarter, for any reason other than medical discharge.

There is no refund for men who choose to skip on-campus meals. Students who are required to be off-campus for training will have their food provided or be given a meal allowance.

Refunds by Weeks of Training
Room & Board and Tuition charges are calculated at a weekly rate. Room & Board and Tuition refunds are given only for full weeks remaining.


Thanks to generous donors who want to see more young men go through ALERT, we are able to offer financial aid through a variety of different scholarship categories.

Learn more & apply at: Financial Aid