The International Alert Academy in Big Sandy, Texas, turns out the kind of men this country needs.

Lt. Col. Oliver North
USMC (Ret.)

You develop some really strong camaraderie; we’re a band of brothers. ALERT has helped shape me to be a better man and equipped me for the mission field and life in general, in ways that I couldn’t have learned on my own. ALERT is a great place for young men who want to grow in their faith and develop Godly disciplines that will help them throughout their lives.

Cpl. Mike Wells
Unit 50, Summer 2013

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When we had a major disaster and some tornadoes hit our state, the ALERT team came into Arkansas and helped to rebuild part of our cities and restore some homes.

Gov. Mike Huckabee
former Governor of Arkansas

The training enabled me to be a leader and a light for Christ in my workplace, my home, and church.

Cpl. Nathan Hardy
Unit 43, Spring 2010

I have never seen a group of young men [so] dedicated, and with such professionalism and pride and integrity, as we saw with the ALERT team. I wish I had a department full of those young men.

Richard Heitkemper
Price County Sheriff, Wisconsin

My time at the International ALERT Academy really helped prepare me for my career as a Texas Trooper. Everything ranging from the physical training to the mental stretching that I learned at ALERT all gave me a cutting-edge while I was at the academy for the Highway Patrol. The strict regimen of basic training allowed me to excel in areas where others struggled. Most importantly, however, the spiritual growth and self discipline I gained has given me the strength I’ve needed to maintain my testimony through the difficult times. Overall, it is easy to see how the Lord used my time at ALERT to prepare me for the path He had for me.

RFC Joshua Schlaudt
Unit 47, Winter 2012

I wouldn’t trade the training I received at ALERT, both academically and spiritually, for any other training program or college!

SMaj. Evan Tuuk
Unit 40, Fall 2008

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At ALERT, you make friendships in a way that you can’t anywhere else. We’ve all gone through the same struggles; we live together in an environment that’s focused on fellowship. The Christian environment makes it easier to share with each other, because we know that we’ve all got a common goal – to glorify Christ.

Cpl. Skylar Borsman
Unit 50, Summer 2013

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