Many enter the responsibilities of fatherhood with the honest intention of being a good father. In reality, however, it is easy to become consumed by more pressing matters while children take a back seat to careers, other responsibilities, and even good activities. What a blessing it would be to look back with no regrets on the time that you have had with your sons.

The ALERT Cadet program is a toolbox with various tools standing ready for you to use in growing your sons into biblical manhood. 

One of the greatest benefits of the ALERT Cadet program is the opportunity for fathers to spend one-on-one time with their sons.

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ALERT Cadet is a toolbox to assist fathers in turning their hearts to their sons and leading their sons into biblical manhood.


  • Develop tools and activities (programs, activities, training, and materials) and provide a structure to accomplish the ALERT Cadet vision.
  • Encourage and train a network of like-minded fathers who can and will assist other fathers.
  • Give fathers worthy goals for their sons, including a heart for service to God, His people, and those in need.

Motto & Covenant

“Strong to Overcome”

(1 John 2:14)

By God’s grace,
I will be swift to hear what is true,
And give honor where honor is due.
I will learn what it means to obey,
And be truthful in all that I say.
I will be neat in room and dress,
And show to others true gratefulness.



Statement of Faith

The International ALERT Academy affirms the cardinal doctrines of Scripture that have been defended by historic statements of faith. These include the divine inspiration of Scripture, the deity of Christ, the original sin nature of man, the atonement for sin by Christ’s shed blood, and the justification by faith in Jesus as the Christ.

We also believe that a complete and inspired statement of faith was given by Jesus Christ when He taught precise commands on how to love God and others, and that these commands transcend all cultures, nationalities, religions, and political systems.

Service Opportunities

In communities of 5 hundred or 5 million, ALERT Cadet is ready, willing, and able to serve. Units regularly seek out opportunities to help those in need, often in cooperation with local authorities and humanitarian aid organizations.

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The History of ALERT Cadets

Since 1996

In 1995, ALERT founder Ron Fuhrman saw the strong desire in younger boys to emulate ALERT men, and he decided to develop a tool fathers could use to strengthen their relationships with their sons. A year after the founding of the ALERT Academy, ALERT Cadet was established to raise up godly young men who would be mighty in spirit and “Strong to Overcome” the evil one (1 John 2:14). Since that time, ALERT Cadet has broadened into a corps of thousands of fathers and sons across the country, who are learning to turn their hearts to one another (Malachi 4:6).