Community Service

In communities of 5 hundred or 5 million, ALERT Cadet is ready, willing, and able to serve. Units regularly seek out opportunities to help those in need, often in cooperation with local authorities and humanitarian aid organizations.

ALERT Cadets have cleaned city parks, picked up roadside trash, marched in parades, performed color guards, and directed traffic for city functions. Units with specialized skills, such as crisis response training or sawyer experience, may have additional opportunities to serve.

Disaster Relief

ALERT Cadet units respond and work alongside ALERT men at the request of government authorities to provide crisis response assistance, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid.

Here are some of the deployments where ALERT Cadet units have served.

Jan 2016  – Rowlett, TX – Tornado Relief
May 2011 – Joplin, MO – Tornado Relief
February 2008 – Lafayette, TN – Tornado Relief
February 2006 – Amherst, VA – Ice Storm Clean Up
September 2005 – Hattisburg, MS – Hurricane Katrina Relief
2004 – Florida – Hurricane Relief

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