"My Grace is Sufficient for Thee"

ALERT Cadet Corporal Matthew O’Hearn writes about God’s faithfulness to him throughout a lifelong struggle. “Often times, when I have struggled with walking over the last year, I have often thought about the Cadet motto ‘Strong to Overcome.’ I have prayed that the Lord would enable me to live up to this motto in my life.”

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Fields Family Cleanup Project - Spring 2016

Their community project in one of the phase books was to help an elderly lady, near their church, clean out her apt and move her to a state appointed place.  Her 50-year-old disabled son was taken from her because of the living conditions at home.  She had a deadline to get moved out.  The father and 10-year-old twin sons…

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Peters' Family News - Dec 2016

  • 43 volunteer workers.
  • 600+ man hours of labor.
  • 5100 pounds of demolition waste.
  • 10 hours continuous bonfire.
  • 270 K-cups for coffee.
  • 80 packets of hot cocoa.
  • 200 pounds of homemade food
  • 0 accidents and injuries…

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I have learned as a result of our involvement in ALERT Cadet that service to others can kill a critical spirit and eliminate selfishness: and I am learning that time spent with my sons has everlasting value. These times of service and fun have built many fond memories, knit hearts, and assisted in character development.

Cadet Major Tod Stoner