ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual

1. Fathers can enroll themselves and up to four sons in ALERT Cadet Basic Training by clicking the link below. Additional sons can enroll here.

2. When you enroll, you’ll order one copy of the ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual for each participating family member, including Dad. Completion of the BTM takes 2 to 4 weeks, and is a prerequisite for membership as an ALERT Cadet.

ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual [Sample]

The BTM is designed to teach foundational skills and character related to the ALERT Cadet Covenant; projects focus on alertness, honor, respect, obedience, truthfulness, orderliness, and gratefulness.

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Upon completion of each Basic Training Manual, send the following to ALERT Cadet Headquarters in order to Advance and earn your first rank as an ALERT Cadet:

  • Completion Certificate from the back of the Manual
  • Advancement Application
  • Uniform order form
  • Recent family photo
  • $49 Advancement fee
  • International Orders must pay the additional shipping fee

The Advancement Form is located under the Members tab.

ALERT Cadet Basic Training Cost

  • One-time enrollment fee: $35 per family
  • Basic Training Manual: $5 each (1 per participating family member)
  • Optional: Duty uniform*: $49 per person – includes ALERT Cadet T-shirt, BDU pants, BDU belt, and Marine cover.  (additional shipping fee outside the continental US)

You may view the Duty Uniform items on our Visual Uniform page. Click here to order the Duty Uniform package.

Successful completion of the Basic Training Manual is a prerequisite for Advancement as an ALERT Cadet.

Advancement Fees

  • Advancement, including ALERT Cadet chambray shirt*: $49 (additional shipping outside the continental US)
  • Advancement without ALERT Cadet chambray shirt: $19 (additional shipping fee outside the continental US)
  • ALERT Cadet chambray shirt only: $39

*Chambray purchase is optional but may be required for some camps and events.  ALERT Cadets age 13 and up must obtain a chambray upon entering the Leadership Training Corps (LTC).

*After advancement there is an annual membership renewal fee of $20

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The purposes of the ALERT Cadet uniform are identification, recognition, and motivation. A new ALERT Cadet and his father will receive their Duty uniforms when they order the Basic Training Manual, and their chambray shirts when they Advance out of Basic Training.

Visual Uniform

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