We offer two types of camps:

Father/Son Camps –Father/son camps combine outdoor activities, practical skills instruction, service projects, and Bible teaching to turn the hearts of the sons to their fathers. Winter camps require extra gear, while service camps feature reduced fees in exchange for service at the camp facilities. Click on the gray tab below for dates and locations.

Leadership Training Corps (LTC) Camps – LTC camps equip ALERT Cadets, who hold the recognition of LTC or higher rank, with leadership training and specialized skills, so that these young men can assume greater leadership responsibility in their units and pass on the skills they have learned. Fathers are strongly encouraged, and in some camps required, to participate with their sons. Click on the gray tab below for dates and locations.

Eligibility & Registration

To participate in all ALERT Cadet Camps, you must have completed the ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual (BTM) before the camp. The BTM can be completed in 2 to 4 weeks.

To participate in LTC Camps you must also:

  • Be a member of an ALERT Cadet unit, with up-to-date membership paperwork, membership fees, and uniforms (this includes the remote families serving in 3rd Delta Units).
  • be at least 13 years old.


Click on the gray tabs above to read about each event or to register.

Schedules and packing lists are updated approximately one month before the beginning of each camp.

Medical Release Forms

Medical Information-Release Form – Son

Medical Information/Release Form – Father

General Liability and Model Release Form

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to prospective ALERT Cadet campers. To apply for a scholarship, up to 50% of the cost of a camp, please download the Scholarship Request Form.

Eastern Father/Son Camp

Begins: May 23, 2019
Ends: May 26, 2019
Location: Fairwood Bible Institute, Dublin, New Hampshire (fairwoodbible.org)
Cost: $55 per family plus $33 per person

Our service project will be harvesting wood for heat: bucking, splitting, hauling, and stacking.  The focus of our fellowship will be putting relationships first.
Our time together will be filled with listening to the Holy Spirit, PT, prayer, formations, group devotions, father and son debriefing, meaningful meals with testimonies, room inspections, marching drill, campfires, organized games/sports, hot showers in every room, and free time to hike Mt. Monadnock.

Cadet leaders from LTC’s to Sergeants have a great opportunity to develop and use their leadership skills, as they are given much of the responsibility for directing the activities that occupy the sons throughout each day.

Camp starts with supper at 1830 hours on Thursday, May 23th, and ends with lunch on Sunday, May 26th. The fee for this camp is $55 per family plus $33 per person, however, no one has permission to stay away from this camp solely due to finances.  For scholarship beyond what you may obtain online, contact CMaj. Doug Dagarin at [email protected] or 413-575-4560 before you register for the camp

Registration Form Coming Soon

High Adventure Camp 2 - Boater Safety

Begins: November 1, 2018
Ends: November 3, 2018
Location: Lake Sam Rayburn, TX
Cost: $35 registration fee and $35 per person

We will be camping in Sam Rayburn US Army Corps of Engineers Park for a time of water safety instruction, activities and fellowship. Sons and fathers will receive instruction in the many aspects of water safety as well as safe operation of a watercraft; those 13 and older who are interested will be eligible to get a Texas Safety Boater’s License. If you are 12, you can still take the test and will receive your license from the state on your 13th birthday. After the course, all will have a chance to test their book knowledge in operating a motor boat on the open water. You do not need a boat for this camp. We also plan on having other activities as well, including a visit from a Texas state game warden and plenty of fellowship around the campfire. So even if you have no interest in a boating license, you are encouraged to participate. Lake Sam Rayburn is the largest lake wholly within the state of Texas. The lake was built and is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. Lake Sam Rayburn is a nationally recognized lake for bass fishing, and you are welcome to fish from the shore in the downtime. Fathers and sons will receive a Father/Son Camp ribbon or star at the end of the camp.

The camp is open to ALERT Cadets of all ages, but there will be limited room. We plan on water-only camp sites; showers and restrooms are available. Breakfast and dinner will be provided.

More Details to Come
If interested in the camp, please contact CCapt. Dan Schlichter at (936)-499-2440 or Spec. Blair Edwards at [email protected]


Eastern LTC - Mt Monadnock, New Hampshire

  • Fairwood Bible Institute

October 15-20, 2018

The Camp will be held at Fairwood Bible Institute (fairwoodbible.org) in Dublin, NH, with staff reporting for training and briefing on Sunday the 14th.

This camp will be focused from the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at night.  Every activity will develop the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical parts of your being as you acquire or advance skills in outdoor survival, orienteering, sawyering, Personal Emergency Preparedness, and Incident Command Structure (which will satisfy the requirements for these elements of the Crisis Response Training Award).

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ALERT Cadet regional and international camps assist ALERT Cadet fathers by:

  1. Serving as tools to motivate their sons and encourage them toward love and good deeds.
  2. Providing opportunities for training in specialized areas that might not be available at home.
  3. Allowing their sons to travel to different places, create lifelong memories, and spend time in God’s outdoor learning environment.


There is no substitute for spending both quality and quantity time with our children, and LTC Camp provides the opportunity for both.  I was able to be fully focused and involved all week with my boys with activities that included bible study, character development, useful skill training, and team building.  We laughed, played, worked, and learned together and came away with great memories shared, as well as, hopefully, a keener vision for Godly manhood.

Cadet Captain Brett Whitaker