Wyalusing, PA – Massive Cleanup Project – March/April 2016

Their community project in one of the phase books was to help an elderly lady near their church, clean out her apt and move her to a state appointed place.  Her 50 year old disabled son was taken from her because of the living conditions at home.  She had a deadline to get moved out.  The father and 10 year old twin sons, cleaned out her home, moved her furniture and decorated her new home over a two-week period and her son was returned to her home. The Fields family writes:

“They were so excited to have a new place and be back together.  It was such a pleasure to see them settling in and a 82 year old Mom’s heart at peace again having her son to look after. Looking back 2 weeks ago when we first went to the house, I honestly had no idea how we would do it all and began to doubt.  So we had some rejoicing to do on the ride home that we accomplished it all, by the grace and strength of of our Savior!  Gave a whole new meaning to the motto “Strong to overcome”.

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