The Peters family roof was collapsing from long-term undetected rot.  The family was living with the threat of it caving in on them. David was determined not to get into debt again, even for the roof repair.  NH1B came to the rescue by organizing a service project that included members from other units.  Here is David’s  report.

It is difficult to describe the magnitude of what has taken place here in the last week.  Let me begin by giving you only the statistics from Thursday through Saturday of last week, 12/01-12/03, which was the critical point of the whole project.  During those three days, we had:

  • 43 volunteer workers.
  • 600+ man hours of labor.
  • 5100 pounds of demolition waste.
  • 10 hours continuous bonfire.
  • 270 K-cups for coffee.
  • 80 packets of hot cocoa.
  • 200 pounds of homemade turkey soup, casseroles, pasta, lamb stew, etc.
  • 0 accidents and injuries.
  • 0 cussing, yelling, tempers, or fights.
  • 20 men members representing ALERT/Cadet.
  • 94.5 miles longest distance traveled by a volunteer.
  • 8 father/son teams working together.

At this time last week, I was sleeping in a hammock directly underneath a collapsing roof and listening to the pouring rain that had gone on for several days and was forecast to continue through the night.  Our church family prayed that the rain would stop at 6:59 a.m. the following morning.  On Thursday, 12/01, at 7:00 a.m., I looked outside the window to see the front line moving off to the east and the sky lighting up; in addition, the temperature rose to 55 degrees as we started taking the roof off the house.  It was perfect weather.

The forecast for Friday morning was winds 10-20 mph from the west.  That’s not good weather to tie trusses.  On Friday morning, the crane came and the air was calm.  As the crane drove away, those 10-20 mph winds immediately blew through the trees and continued for the rest of the day.

The skilled laborers got all the trusses set in only half an hour.  It was amazing to watch them walk across the trusses like kittens, while carrying a nail gun, and knowing exactly what needed to be done.  By the end of the day, the roof sheathing, ice/water shield, and almost all shingles were in place.  They worked so fast and so well together.  My neighbors could not believe their eyes.

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