Bring S’more Families for Free!

Loving Family Camp and want to enjoy it with your friends? New families* will not only receive  complimentary registration  (currently $50/person) but you will also receive a 50% discount on yours! No coupon code required—call 903-636-9201 to register. New families who would like to attend but do not currently have a Family Camp Host Family are definitely welcome and will also receive complimentary registration.

Bring “S’more Families” and let’s go Family Camping!


*New families (hereafter called “S’more Families”) are defined as families (must be at least 2 individuals currently living under the same roof, including a head of house) who have never attended, or been on campus for, an ALERT Family Camp. Your friends may purchase lodging and meals if desired, but Family Camp Registration will cost them nothing. The “Host Family” (who invited the “S’more Family”) must be registered at the time of the “S’more Family” registration to receive their 50% discount for their own Family Camp Registration. Please note that this discount excludes meals and lodging and applies to your registration costs only.