I’ve had so much fun this summer, but the thing I feel God has been teaching me the most is this: only God can change a person’s heart… I believe that He is teaching me to step back a bit, and let Him into my life. I’m only 16 and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me, but I think Quest has helped set me on the right path. I’m learning that I can’t change by my own strength; I tried that already for 6 years or so. I need to let God do the work in my life, and rely on His strength, not my own.

Micah Crane

I’m very, very happy I came. Any teenage guy, I’d really suggest to come here; it’s a great place to be… It was very challenging, and I saw kids really come to the end of their rope, and have nothing more to give, and then they would turn to God, and they would just be able to give so much more – and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Isaac Wuerffel
North Carolina

We learned what pleases God and to keep our focus on God, and a lot about living for the Lord – not just wearing the title “Christian,” but actually having good fruit in our walk with the Lord… Leadership this year was really awesome; they could either be your greatest friend or your worst enemy, depending on which side of Ultimate Frisbee or Capture the Flag you were on. They were also very good and incredibly creative at coming up with ways to challenge you… God has used [Quest] to work in my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who’s willing to come.

Victor Sykes

This past summer of ’16 my son went to Quest.  He was having some behavior and moral issues the year before; so sending my son to Quest was a much needed activity for him. I never in my wildest dreams thought he would be so affected by a 4 week camp. When he came back we saw immediate changes. His behavior towards us has radically changed in a positive way… His memorization skills that were taught at Quest, have made him an HONOR ROLL STUDENT this year! We are so proud of him! God has greatly used Quest to put my son on the right road.  I highly recommend Quest, ALERT or STEP to anyone!

Peter Salyer

It took the spiritual part of Quest, and just magnified it into something much greater and, I found, really exciting… Advanced taught me how to dig deep into the Word of God and to study it with intensity….

Before I came to Quest Advanced, I didn’t really care about the Bible. I didn’t read it every day; it was just a thing that happened, if it ever happened. I went to church ’cause I was kind of forced to. I lived for myself… I had an attitude; I was immature. I knew it, and I didn’t really care. During Quest Advanced, I was completely changed… I went from not really caring about anything, to loving the Word of God and reading and studying it. It seemed to me as if we were studying the Bible constantly…

When I get home, I am planning to share with my family and friends that I’ve changed. I hope to influence everyone I’m around in a good godly way. Right now, I don’t know what God’s call is for me, but I know it’s to serve Him and to please Him in everything that I do.

Jason Smith
South Carolina

“[Our son] has been greatly changed by his summers at Quest. Jason listened when the Holy Spirit dealt with him there and everyone noticed the changes. We thank God for bringing your camp to our notice and for the work you do in the lives of young men everywhere.  Thank you!”

Lynn Smith
South Carolina