• Practice writing by hand, and ensure that your handwriting is legible, as you will have to take notes, write letters and keep a journal while you’re here.
  • Test your gear as much as possible.
    • Carefully review the Quest packing list, to ensure that you’ve got all the right equipment.
    • Make sure that your pack is the right size and can comfortably hold between twenty and thirty pounds.
    • If you want to bring a tent you are welcome to, when we camp out we do have an outdoor tent set up.
    • Make sure your hiking /running shoes fit comfortably; a poor fit will cause blisters within an hour or two.
    • Before you arrive, clearly label all of your gear and clothing items with your name.
  • Finally, practice rising early and spending time in prayer and personal Bible study. Quest is designed to help you draw closer to the Lord; start now!