When Timothy Falkenstine joined ALERT Basic Training Unit 39 in 2008, he took up a banner that his family had carried for eleven years. Six Falkenstine brothers would eventually complete ALERT Basic, first in Unit 12 and finally in Unit 48. Tim served as a Basic Training squad leader for units 40 and 41, and led 2nd Platoon as a drill instructor for the next three units. After serving as Unit 44’s ERT First Sergeant and again as a drill instructor for Unit 45, Tim became the second Falkenstine brother to wear a silver band on his cover; he was named Senior Drill Sergeant for Unit 46 in summer 2011, and served as SDS until the completion of Unit 48’s Basic Training. Tim was promoted to the rank of Captain in January 2018, and continues to work closely with Basic Training as Executive Officer. Tim and his wife Victoria have been married since 2013, and their hospitality to ALERT men is well-known, especially among the Basic Training Cadre.