STEP was totally an awesome time for me. It definitely boosted my confidence through Christ – physically, spiritually, and mentally. STEP stretched me in all ways and was a tool that God used to help me grow.

Priscilla Chapman

Experience Rating

I came to better my relationship with the Lord. STEP was also appealing because I love outdoor activities and I wanted to learn how to work with a team.

Anna Lee
Hong Kong

The Lord has taught me much through three years at STEP, especially those spent as a leader… I found the foundation laid by STEP was useful as I assisted in developing a new business. Lessons learned through leading students and team leaders carry over to the ministry-oriented business world. Teamwork, communication, vision, priorities, multitasking, discipline, and being proactive proved useful in ways I never expected.

Amy Hardin

Experience Rating

My desire is to be a missionary nurse to India to care for the sick. I decided to come to STEP to learn life skills I could use on the mission field, and to build a spiritual foundation of Biblical truth in my life.

Karady Jorg
New Mexico

STEP was God’s tool in my life to crack away hardness that had developed towards the Lord and my family. I come back each year, because the change in my life was so beneficial that I want to pass it on to others.

Amy (Jones) Cahill

Experience Rating

STEP is some of the best training I’ve had. Not only have I learned emergency skills, it has also been a great time to grow spiritually in my walk with the Lord. I encourage all girls to pray and see if this is where the Lord might be leading you!

Rebekah Curtis