What is STEP?

Skills Training for Emergency Preparedness (STEP) is a 4-week outdoor adventure program for young ladies ages 15 and older, hosted once a year by the International ALERT Academy. STEP is designed to build confidence on individual and team levels, while preparing young ladies to respond to life’s emergencies, as they learn to put their trust in the Lord.

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STEP was God’s tool in my life to crack away hardness that had developed towards the Lord and my family. I come back each year, because the change in my life was so beneficial that I want to pass it on to others.

Amy (Jones) Cahill

Experience Rating

STEP is some of the best training I’ve had. Not only have I learned emergency skills, it has also been a great time to grow spiritually in my walk with the Lord. I encourage all girls to pray and see if this is where the Lord might be leading you!

Rebekah Curtis

Statement of Faith

The International ALERT Academy affirms the cardinal doctrines of Scripture that have been defended by historic statements of faith. These include the divine inspiration of Scripture, the deity of Christ, the original sin nature of man, the atonement for sin by Christ’s shed blood, and the justification by faith in Jesus as the Christ.

We also believe that a complete and inspired statement of faith was given by Jesus Christ when He taught precise commands on how to love God and others, and that these commands transcend all cultures, nationalities, religions, and political systems.