Basic Training Cadre

Practical leadership training 

LENGTH: 12 weeks

DATES: Spring & Fall Training Quarters

COST: $4,540

Men in Cadre are responsible for leading, teaching, and supporting the recruits throughout Basic Training. This training option is not easy; much is required of the Cadre and the responsibilities of leadership are not to be taken lightly. During Cadre, the men keep a grueling schedule and are expected to lead by example as they participate in all of the events of Basic Training. If you are accepted into Cadre, you will have an incredible opportunity to pour into the lives of the men in training and make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

course details


Each Cadre class goes through an intense, two-week training program prior to the start of Basic Training to equip them to lead the Unit over the next nine weeks. Once Basic Training starts, further leadership development and mentoring take place as the men carry out their assigned responsibilities.


    • Successful completion of Basic Training and 2nd Phase
    • Acceptance into Basic Training Cadre requires an application and interview and is not guaranteed

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