Technical Rescue

Rescue Systems training & Certifications

LENGTH: 12 weeks

DATES: Fall Training Quarter

COST: $6,265

ALERT’s Technical Rescue course is taught by industry professionals who are at the cutting edge of specialized emergency response. Covering everything from advanced high angle to trench rescue to vehicle rescue, the course is designed to equip graduates with the necessary skills for all kinds of high-stakes situations. The combination of classroom training and field practice in various environments such as commercial buildings, our 40-foot training tower, a municipal water tower, rivers, and the cliffs at Mt. Magazine State Park, ensures full mastery of the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective at technical rescues.

course details


Upon completion of this course, you’ll be eligible for testing and certification by the National Fire Protection Associationin the following subjects:

    • High Angle
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Trench Rescue
    • Structural Collapse
    • Swift Water Rescue
    • Machinery Rescue
    • Heavy and Common Passenger Vehicle Rescue


    • Successful completion of Basic Training and 2nd Phase

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