Volunteers have a dynamic impact on the lives of everyone who comes through ALERT’s doors. Throughout the year, volunteers can be found doing everything from serving banquets and cleaning rooms to planning events and cooking meals. Whether you bring a particular skillset to the table, or this is your first experience in a work environment, as a volunteer, you’ll have all kinds of opportunities for on-the-job training and personal growth.

Volunteer Application

(Were you looking for the Quest staff application? It’s here.)


When will I know my application has been accepted?

We’ll notify you when we receive your application, but don’t buy your plane ticket just yet! Once your application is approved, we’ll contact you again to make arrangements for your arrival. All applications are carefully evaluated to ensure the best match for each available position.

How old must I be to volunteer?

The ministry welcomes volunteers age 18 or older.

How many hours will I work?

Volunteers should anticipate working 40 hours per week. Campus-wide special events can significantly impact the schedule, but a typical workday begins at 8:30am and ends at 5:00pm, with a half-hour break for lunch. Most evenings offer free time to make new friends, exercise, journal, or explore our beautiful campus.

What about room and board?

On-campus housing is provided to all volunteers, and meals are free of charge. The ALERT dining hall serves three meals a day Monday through Friday, brunch and dinner on Saturday, and dinner on Sunday. Additional snacks and drinks can be purchased at the ALERT Store.

Do you have any rules?

ALERT’s Volunteer Guidelines are the written policies that we believe help create a safe and orderly environment for our students, volunteers, and staff. You can request your own copy by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator at 903-636-2000 ext. 2102.

What clothing should I bring?

ALERT maintains a professional dress code; details on what to bring are available in our Volunteer Guidelines.