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ALERT’s Purpose is to forge extraordinary men who influence their world for Christ.

ALERT utilizes a military-style structure, intentional discipleship, unique experiences, and professional skills training to create an environment that facilitates the forging process. Our goal is to create men who are spiritually sound, physically fit, and ready to serve.

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Student Testimonials

“Every day at ALERT, I learn to depend on Christ more. I’ve learned there is always room to grow, that I don’t have all the answers, and most importantly, that it is my walk with Him that really matters.”

Kenjie S.  |  Unit 66

“Before I came to the ALERT program, my life was without direction and purpose. I would spend my time working dead-end jobs and playing video games, and occasionally participating in outdoor activities if invited. After going through Basic training, I saw a glimpse of what I could be if I wanted to change. Over my time at ALERT, I have seen God’s grace to me as my faith and reliance on Him grew. I can say for certain that ALERT has changed my life for the better in terms of leadership, discipline, physical strength, and so much more. I will forever be grateful to this program and the men in it.”

Joshua L.  |  Unit 64

“The unique tensions and challenges that I faced here forced me to rely on God and get out of my comfort zone. It taught me to behave with conviction, think with clarity, and speak with authority. ALERT gave me a valuable perspective about life, God, and people that I never had before.”

Len N.  |  Unit 61

Forging extraordinary men who influence their world for christ

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." 

John F. Kennedy

In gratitude and honor for those who died.
Unit 70

Congratulations to the men of Unit 70 on their advancement out of Basic Training! The 26 men who finished Unit 70 have joined the brotherhood of all the men who have gone before them, and are now part of the ALERT Battalion. As a symbol of their advancement out of Basic Training, the men are issued the ALERT patch for their uniforms, and may additionally receive a promotion to the rank of Responder. They are now also able to wear the ALERT t-shirt and their unit t-shirt.

As the men head home for furlough, please join us in praying for their continued spiritual growth and discipline, and for rest and physical recovery after the rigors of Basic Training. We look forward to seeing them back on June 29 for the start of 2nd Phase.

For more information on ALERT Basic Training, please see the link in our bio.

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Advancement Day

Unit 70’s Advancement ceremonies will start at 1:30 this afternoon, Central Time. We will be live-streaming the skills demonstration, the drill and ceremony presentation, and the advancement ceremony in separate streams on our Facebook page. Please visit our Facebook for the live stream, and congratulations to the men of Unit 70!

#ALERTAcademy #forgingmen #advancementday #unit70 #livestream
The Unit 70 Basic Training video drops May 24 at 6 pm CT on our YouTube channel!
Early registration discount ending soon!

There is still time to get the early registration discount. Register for either of our summer quarter training options before Saturday, May 25 and get $100 off the cost of training. Training options available next quarter are 2nd Phase and Leadership & Communications. 

ALERT’s 2nd Phase of training is designed to develop personal competence, critical thinking, life purpose, and a service mindset through a variety of skills and experiences. Building off the lessons of Basic Training, our goal in this phase is to create a desire for maturity and personal growth in each man as they move into their third phase of training and accept their calling as men. The classes in the 2nd Phase will include:

• Structural Fire Fighting⠀
• Rope Rescue
• Sawyer
• Personal Leadership Development
• Basic Emergency Response
• Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diving
• Special Response Diving
• Evangelism and Worldviews
• One week of deployment

For more information on all of our training, or to register, please visit the link in our bio
Only one slot left! 

There is only one slot left for the summer Leadership & Communications class before it reaches capacity. Each class spends a week in Washington, DC studying leadership in the field through the lens of history. Trip highlights include the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Archives, the National Museum of the Marine Corps, Arlington National Cemetery, various Smithsonian Museums, and more.

Additional course topics covered here on campus include subjects such as leadership principles, finances, counseling, leaders throughout history, public speaking, general management philosophies, writing, time management, and personality types.

The next Leadership & Communication course will start June 29, 2024. For more information on our training options, or for our full training calendar, please see the link in our bio.

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Master the water environment

ALERT’s diving program is designed to help students master the water by training them in many different kinds of water environments. In addition to pool training and diving in Lake Loma on campus, students in 3rd Phase dive training travel to Florida for additional diving experience in different types water, including the ocean and cave diving.

The next Dive class starts August 31, 2024. For more information, or to register, visit our website at the link in our bio.

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Throughout the Bible, service emerges as a thread woven through countless stories. It's found in the everyday work we do, the worship we offer, and the way we extend ourselves to others. But what is the heart of service? Is it merely a duty, a checklist of actions to fulfill? Or is it something deeper, something that transforms us from the inside out? We can find a clue in the life of Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve. His service wasn't about fulfilling obligations; it flowed from a heart of love and compassion. It was about meeting needs, healing wounds, and extending grace.

As we serve, may we remember that it's not just about what we do, but about opening our hearts to the needs of others, offering our hands in help, and sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways. 

Lt. Charles O'Neal | Unit 50

#ALERTAcademy #forgingmen #service #love
The ALERT Ethos

• The Gospel transforms a man
• Discipline strengthens a man
• Hardship matures a man
• Camaraderie sharpens a man
• Training equips a man
• Service focuses a man

#ALERTAcademy #forgingmen #ethos #ALERTethos

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