Leadership & Communications

Learn to lead yourself and others

LENGTH: 9 weeks

DATES: Winter & Summer Quarters

COST: $5,480

Can you articulately and persuasively defend your convictions to a hostile world? ALERT’s Leadership & Communications course gives students an introduction to the skills needed to successfully influence people and articulate ideas from a Christian perspective. The course is designed to prepare students to be better leaders, husbands, and fathers. Topics covered include public speaking, foundational leadership principles, personal finances, apologetics, and more. Additionally, each unit spends a week in Washington, DC studying leadership in the field through the lens of American history. 

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The following topics are covered in the course:

    • Foundational Leadership Principles
    • Finances
    • Counseling
    • Leaders in History
    • Public Speaking
    • General Management Philosophies
    • Writing
    • Time Management
    • Planning
    • Personality Types & Working with People


    • Successful completion of Basic Training and 2nd Phase

Forging extraordinary men who influence their world for christ