Specialized SCUBA training

LENGTH: 12 weeks

DATES: Spring & Fall Training Quarters

COST: $7,360

ALERT’s diving program is designed to help students master the water by training them in many different kinds of water environments. From long-distance surface swims to diving 100 feet down an empty missile silo to completing our notorious underwater obstacle course, each aspect of the course is designed to build your confidence and competence in the water. The skills, confidence, and certifications gained in this course will add tremendous value to any diver’s resumé regardless of their career path.

course details


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the following certifications from NAUI Worldwide, SRDI, or American Red Cross:

    • Master SCUBA Diver
    • Deep Diver
    • Drysuit Diver
    • Diving First Aid for Professional Divers
    • Full Face Mask Diver
    • Nitrox Diver
    • Night & Limited Visibility Diver
    • Advanced Rescue SCUBA Diver
    • Tactical Diver (SRDI)
    • Lifting Specialist (SRDI)
    • Waterfront Lifeguard (ARC)


    • Successful completion of Basic Training and 2nd Phase
    • Must have completed dive training in 2nd Phase or have equivalent certifications.

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