ALERT Update | October 19, 2021

by | Oct 19, 2021 | All News

My father talks about how twenty years ago we knew a few people very well, but today we know hundreds or even thousands of people hardly at all. Because of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we have the ability to “know” vast numbers of people without actually knowing them or being part of their lives. These platforms lock people into a cruel isolation where they are familiar to many and known by few to none.

The Bible calls us to so much more than casual acquaintanceship. The Christian life is not a solo run; we are called the body of Christ for a reason. Just like we intentionally place men into squads and platoons at ALERT, so God has placed us into families and churches and communities for a reason. Our fellowship in the Gospel is what shows an isolated and lonely world that we belong to Christ (John 13:35).

Stand strong,

Major Jesse Boulden

ALERT Commanding Officer