ALERT Reunion Update

by | Dec 13, 2022 | ALERT Updates

The 2023 ALERT Reunion takes place here in Big Sandy on January 27-29. The Reunion is a family event open to any ALERT alumni, family, former staff members, or anyone who wants to come spend a weekend full of ALERT style fun with us. I wanted to highlight some information about one of the Reunion speakers, as well as let you know about our new “Bring a Friend” discount.

We are really excited to have Sgt. Isac Dymesich as a speaker this year. Isac Dymesich completed ALERT Basic Training Unit 19 in November of 1999. During his time in the Battalion he completed the Leadership course and worked as Cadre for four Basic Trainings, serving as a squad leader (Unit 21) and a Drill Instructor (Units 22, 23, and 25). Since leaving Alert in 2002, he has gone on to work in his family’s construction business for the past 20 years. Isac and his wife Adrienne live in Wisconsin with their five children. Their son Neil just promoted out of Basic Training Unit 67 in November of 2022. Isac is excited to share how the life lessons and skills he gained through his time at ALERT have prepared and helped him to weather the storms of life. He is continuing to learn how God uses suffering in our lives to help cleanse away sin and turn our eyes toward Christ.

This year for the Reunion we are also doing a “Bring a Friend” discount. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for the reunion by January 15 at
  2. We’ll send you a unique 25% off coupon code to share with your friends. (Please allow a few days for this code to be created and sent your way.)
  3. When your friend uses your code, you will receive a 25% discount refund as well.

Again, anyone who uses your code by January 15 will get 25% off meals and lodging—and you will end up receiving 25% off as well!* Please note that discounts only apply to registrations received before January 15 at 11:59 pm, so make sure to register early. Once your friends register, we will process your one-time 25% refund to your original payment method. Your unique coupon code will work for an unlimited amount of registrations, and although your 25% discount will not increase if multiple friends use your code, you will be more likely to secure your 25% discount in the unfortunate case that one of your friends is unable to attend.

*Please note that meals and lodging reservations added after your discount will not be eligible for this promotion; also, on the unfortunate occasion that your friends are unable to attend, the 25% discount will be removed, and the remaining balance will be due upon arrival.

You can find out more information about the Reunion like the schedule, menu, attendee list, and more at our website, If you have any questions about the Reunion, please reach out to me and ask. We are really looking forward to the 2023 Reunion, and hope to see you all here for the party!

2nd Lieutenant Samuel Winkler | Unit 42
ALERT Public and Alumni Relations