Service Provides Perspective

by | Sep 5, 2023 | ALERT Ethos

From the very beginning in 1994, ALERT has deployed teams of men to help all over the US, and around the world. ALERT has deployed for requests as small as assisting local police departments with evidence searches, and as large as massive natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, or other catastrophes like the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. These deployments form a key part of ALERT’s training model, because they provide invaluable perspective that cannot be gained in class. Service of this type helps the guys shift their focus off of themselves and their own wants and needs, and instead see the realities of the world around them. That changed perspective helps bring clarity and compassion, and often opens doors to share the Gospel with those we serve.

We have two teams deploying Sunday; one to Florida and one to South America. Please be in prayer for both groups of men as they serve those in need and bring the light of Christ into their lives.

1st Lieutenant Samuel Winkler | Unit 42
ALERT Public and Alumni Relations