Camaraderie Is Built When We Do Hard Things Together

by | Nov 14, 2023 | ALERT Ethos

Camaraderie is built when we do hard things together. During my trip with the Tech Rescue class to Mount Magazine in Arkansas last week, there were a lot of opportunities to build camaraderie. We had to work as a team all day, and often into the night, while we took on the challenges each scenario threw at us. Every day we completed multiple rescue scenarios, and each one required us to work together faster, more efficiently, and more safely as they grew in complexity throughout the trip. It is through experiences like these, under pressure and with complex problems to solve, that men grow closer together with one another. It has been great to see the guys in class grow as a team, and as Rope Rescue Technicians, through their experiences in class this quarter.

1st Lieutenant Charles O’Neal | Unit 50
ALERT Leadership Class & Technical Rescue Instructor