Who can enroll at ALERT?

Any unmarried male 17 years or older who has completed high school.

Should I attend ALERT immediately after high school?

Many of our graduates have found that because they pursued ALERT training before attending college, entering the work force or joining the military, they were better poised for success in those arenas.

I’m about to graduate, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do in life. Can you help?

ALERT’s training is not only for those who have found their calling, but also for young men who are looking for direction. ALERT works to forge extraordinary men who influence their world for Christ. We are growing men in such a way that they, and God’s Kingdom, will be benefited regardless of where they end up. For some men, training at ALERT is the time when they discover where God is leading!

Where does ALERT’s training take place?

ALERT’s campus is located in Big Sandy, Texas, about two hours east of Dallas. To see the campus for yourself, call (903) 636-2000 to schedule a personal tour, or visit the ALERT Preview Day page to learn about our open house dates.

How much does ALERT training cost?

Depending on the specific training you choose in Phase 3, it typically costs between $10,200 and $12,400 to graduate. You can visit our Tuition & Fees page for more detailed information.

How long does it take to graduate?

ALERT recruits who complete Basic Training are encouraged, but not required, to continue on through Phases 2 and 3. To graduate, ALERT men must complete Basic Training (9 weeks), Emergency Response Training (10 weeks), and 11 weeks in an Advanced Training course. Check out our Course Calendar for more info.

Can I enroll in an Advanced Training course right away?

Our Advanced Training courses are available only to those who have completed Basic Training and ERT.

Is ALERT accredited?

ALERT offers nationally and internationally recognized certifications in a number of fields. However, the International ALERT Academy is a non-accredited vocational technical institute, and as such is not regionally or nationally accredited. Acceptance of ALERT training for transference of courses is contingent upon the policies of the institution to which you are applying. ALERT student transcripts include course records, deployment history, awards earned, promotions received, and PT test scores; click here for more information.

Does ALERT offer scholarships?

A number of generous individuals and organizations have made it possible for ALERT to offer scholarships to qualified applicants. Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more.

Are any other types of financial aid available?

Upon completion of Basic Training, men who commit to the 31-week, Campus Support Team program receive a substantial discount on Phase 2: ERT. Those who complete a single 10-week session of Campus Support after ERT will receive a smaller discount, applicable to any Phase 3 option.

Can I return to ALERT for more training or certifications after Graduation?

Yes. After completing Basic and ERT, ALERT men are welcome to pursue as much of ALERT’s training as they wish.

Can students live off-campus?

ALERT’s training is designed as a comprehensive 24/7 experience; each phase involves key elements that would be unavailable to commuter students. As such, ALERT men are required to live in on-campus housing for the duration of their training.

Is ALERT part of the military or government?

While ALERT’s structure and rank system are largely inspired by the United States Marine Corps, the International ALERT Academy is a Texas 501(c)(3), and is not affiliated with any military or government organization, nor does it receive state or federal funds.

Is ALERT run by a particular church or denomination?

ALERT is a non-denominational evangelical Christian ministry, governed by a board of directors. Our staff comprises a number of conservative church backgrounds, including Southern Baptist, Reformed Baptist, Presbyterian (PCA), and Bible churches. Visit the About page to read ALERT’s statement of faith.