Eligibility for ALERT Basic Training:

  • Single, young men at least 17 years of age (Must turn 17 on or before the Basic Training start date)
  • Completion of high school graduation requirements or GED
  • Demonstrate that you are medically and physically qualified by completing a sports physical, signed by your doctor, within 60 days of the Basic Training start date
  • Applicants who are on medication or have special education needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Basic Training Application

Your completed application must be accompanied by:

  • $35 or $100 application fee made payable to ALERT. ($35 if received at least 2 full weeks before the start of Basic Training, otherwise $100.)
  • 1 family photo and 2 personal photos (any size) taken within the last year
  • The ALERT Standards Agreement must be signed and submitted with your application

In addition, the Sports Physical Form must be signed by a qualified medical doctor within the 60 days prior to your start date. This form does not need to be sent in with the your application, but must be sent in a minimum of 2 weeks before the Basic Training start date.

The International ALERT Academy does not discriminate in its admissions or educational policies and programs on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin.

  1. Complete Application: Complete the questionnaire in detail, in your own handwriting.
  2. Mail application packet to:
    International ALERT Academy
    Attn: Basic Training – Confidential
    One Academy Blvd.
    Big Sandy, TX 75755
  3. Phone Consultation
    After evaluating your application, which may take up to 4 weeks, the Basic Training staff will conduct a 15–30 minute phone consultation with you.
  4. Acceptance
    Written confirmation of your acceptance will be sent by email, along with a packing list, transportation form, and final instructions for preparation.
Basic Training Application

The ALERT Application is where it all begins. Filling out your application for acceptance into Basic Training is the first step towards becoming an ALERT Responder. The completed application must be mailed to ALERT where the Basic Training Officers will review it for acceptance. Once approved, your official confirmation packet will be sent to you.

ALERT Standards Agreement

Several of the ALERT standards need to be understood prior to acceptance into Basic Training. This form needs to be signed and submitted with your application.

Pre-Enrollment Physical Examination Form

In accordance with training standards, a Sports Physical from a physician is required to be turned in within 60 days of the start of Basic Training.

Basic Training Packing List

Items on the Basic Training Packing List must be purchased and brought with recruits to Basic Training. Many of these items may be purchased at reduced prices through the ALERT Store. All items are required, regardless of the season.

Basic Training Issued Items

Items on the Basic Training Issued Items list will be issued to recruits and are included in the Basic Training Uniform Fee. The clothing items form the basis of the uniforms needed for all phases of ALERT training.


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