Caleb Nelson
Memorial Race

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Check in will start 30 minutes before the race starts. Please note that your pack must be weighed and approved prior to the start of the race, so make sure to arrive at least ten minutes prior to the start time.

We will have the race routes clearly marked with paint and signs, as well as maps available. The full CNMR is marked in white, and the half in orange. There will be volunteers posted along the route, as well as two aid stations.

Each contestant must provide the following items for use during the race:
• Two pairs of shoes: one pair for the beginning and ending run, and one pair for the pack run
• One pack with 40 lbs of weight in it for the full, and 20 lbs for the half
• A minimum of two quarts of water

We will provide sand, trash bags, and scales to help pack your pack, as well as trash bags for floating your pack across the lake. Please note that your pack will be weighed before the race and at the end, and any pack not meeting the minimum weight requirements (40 lbs for the full, 20 lbs for the half) will be disqualified.

Each contestant is responsible for his own personal safety and conduct throughout the duration of the race. No contestant may hinder or impede another contestant’s progress in any way, shape or form. All contestants must stay on the established route for the race. Any deviation from the route in an effort to shorten one’s time will result in immediate disqualification. In the event that you need to withdraw from the race, make sure to inform one of the race volunteers so we can keep track of all of the racers.