ALERT Update | August 31, 2021

by | Aug 31, 2021 | All News

Have you ever watched God transform a timid, inexperienced 17-year old into a capable, mature leader in the short span of one to two years? I have at ALERT—many times. One of the tools God uses as He brings about this transformation is hardship. Here at ALERT, we believe that hardship matures a man. So rather than shying away from hardship, we intentionally put ourselves and our men into challenging situations because of the growth that we know will come as a result. Take the Endurance Hike for example. It is an extremely demanding event physically, and the most mentally grueling thing that many men have attempted. But many ALERT men look back on their hike for years after they leave ALERT, and remember that God gave them the necessary strength as they relied on Him. They remember that though the pain was awful, it was worth it in the end. This is a glimpse of the spiritual and mental maturity that God builds in us through hardship.

Stand strong,

Captain Phillip Vanderford

ALERT Battalion Commanding Officer