ALERT Update | December 21, 2021

by | Dec 21, 2021 | All News

Every Christmas season we get hit with the same old statement of “don’t forget what Christmas is all about,” and too often we can respond with a less than enthusiastic “yes, yes we know.” Jesus can become that “same old, same old” part of the season for us. He can be as ordinary to us as any other holiday tradition. And yet, Jesus was and is anything but ordinary.

My wife and I have been reading through an advent devotional by Paul Tripp called “Come, Let Us Adore Him”. It has been enlightening, convicting, thought-provoking, and exhilarating, to say the least. One of the daily readings puts it this way:

“If you had to summarize the Christmas story with one word, what word would you choose? Now, your word would have to capture what this story points to as the core of human need and the way God would meet that need. Do you have a word in mind? … God’s response to the sin of people against his rightful and holy rule can be captured in a single word. I wonder if you thought, “I know the word: grace.” But the single word that captures God’s response to sin even better than the word grace is not a theological word; it is a name. That name is Jesus. God’s response wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t the establishment of an institution. It wasn’t a process of intervention. It wasn’t some new divine program. In his infinite wisdom God knew that the only thing that could rescue us from ourselves and repair the horrendous damage that sin had done to the world was not a thing at all. It was a person, his Son, the Lord Jesus.” – Paul Tripp

Oh come let us adore Him! On Christmas Day and every day thereafter.

Merry Christmas!

Major Jesse Boulden

ALERT Commanding Officer