ALERT Update | May 17, 2022

by | May 17, 2022 | All News

This past Saturday, the Battalion completed an extremely demanding, 9.5-hour event that they affectionately called the May Awstrege (pronounced “ostrich.” I know the name doesn’t make much sense, but that’s not the point). It included 25 rope climbs, 40,000 lbs per person cumulative total of weight lifting, 250 hand-release pushups, 0.8 miles of bear crawl, an ab workout, a pull-up and tire-flip workout, a swim workout, and a half-Murph, along with a few runs and ruck marches scattered in. What was the point? To physically and mentally challenge ourselves, and to build camaraderie through the shared hardship and through opportunities to help each other when we were struggling. God uses the hardship and struggles in our lives to bring us closer to each other, and closer to Himself. Camaraderie is nurtured and developed through shared hardship, through working towards the same goal, and through bearing each other’s burdens.

Striving for Christ,

Sergeant Major Matthew Moody | Unit 57
ALERT Battalion Sergeant Major