ALERT Update | September 13, 2022

by | Sep 13, 2022 | All News

When people ask me what they get from attending the ALERT Academy, I always start with the intangibles. Things like “brotherhood” or “perspective.” One of the other intangible things we offer here are what I like to call “crazy awesome experiences”. These are the difficult challenges that we intentionally place throughout our training pipeline, things that are hard to replicate outside of ALERT. Events like the 24-Hour Endurance Hike, the Caleb Nelson Memorial Race, the Gauntlet, the Criterion, and so on.

We believe that hardship matures a man. These things, as crazy and often painful as they are, are good for us. They push us past our limits, they bond us together as men, and they mature us in a way that a safe, comfortable, and static event never could.

Stand strong,

Major Jesse Boulden | Unit 40
ALERT Commanding Officer