ALERT Update | October 11

by | Oct 11, 2022 | All News

Young men today face a unique set of challenges. Across the world, men have significantly higher rates of suicide, homelessness, ADHD, school drop-out, unemployment, incarceration, failure to launch and early mortality. Examinations of the current downward trends seen in men have been written in outlets like The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and the Institute for Family Studies, and the problems have been highlighted on shows like Saturday Night Live and Real Time with Bill Maher. But no one can seem to answer the question of why men are in such a crisis, or how to fix it.

ALERT exists, in part, to address some of these issues men face. We believe the solutions to the problems men face are found first of all in the Gospel’s transforming power. Futher, we believe that discipline strengthens a man, hardship matures a man, camaraderie sharpens a man, training equips a man, and service focuses a man. Each aspect of our ethos targets the challenges facing young men today, giving them something drastically different than what social media influencers and video games offer them. Please pray for us as we seek to make a difference in the lives of the men we have the opportunity to train.

In Christ,

2nd Lieutenant Samuel Winkler | Unit 42
ALERT Public and Alumni Relations