How do you prepare yourself for a challenge? You train for it!

It goes without question that what is often needed to succeed in a job or a specific role is proper training for the position. But when it comes to young men being ready to face adult life and live out godly masculinity, we tend to assume that it will just take care of itself and happen to them automatically. I believe we do a great disservice to young men when we expect them to survive and thrive amidst life’s tests of maturity and manhood without ever teaching or training them how to succeed, or even what the goal in life is. So how do we train men to joyfully accept the responsibility for themselves, their actions, and those under their care?

Here at ALERT, we structure the program around the goal of helping the men take on a challenge and accept responsibility for the direction they are heading in life. We intentionally challenge and encourage every man to look first to Christ Jesus as his example and hope, then around hin to the band of brothers striving by his side for encouragement, and then out to the hurts and needs in the world around him.

Are there any young men you know who wouldn’t benefit from this type of training?

Captain Daniel Hawley | Unit 46
ALERT 2nd Phase Training Officer