The Company You Keep

by | Mar 7, 2023 | ALERT Ethos

The idea that your life is shaped by the company you keep has been consistently taught for 3,000 years. King Solomon included it in his proverbs (Proverbs 13:20), and the Greek tragedian Euripides wrote about it in the 400s BC. Yet, as well known as this truth is, do we actually pay attention to it? Most of us would not say we are intentionally surrounding ourselves by the wrong crowd, but are we seeking out relationships with those who will challenge us, encourage us, build us up, confront us when we are in the wrong, and help us focus on Christ? The Christian life was not meant to be lived in isolation; no soldier fights a war alone. Since our lives are inevitably shaped by those we live alongside, let’s make sure to fill them with Godly men and women who will help us become more like Christ!

2nd Lieutenant Samuel Winkler | Unit 42
ALERT Public and Alumni Relations